How to turn on background playback in MX Player?

When it comes to video players for smartphones and tablets, then nothing beats MX Player. I mean, VLC is good, but it is still not as great as this all-in-one video player is. It is like that mini cinema for all those people who love to watch movies and videos on their smartphones. The latest update on this app tells us that MX Player has got over 280 million users all across the world. This makes it rank as the number one video-player app on Google Play Store. It has plenty of amazing features, but one specific feature that we are about to talk about over here is – background playback.

Background playback is a really cool feature that is not supported by many video player apps. Apps like YouTube and Netflix too do not have proper integration of background playback and that is really annoying. But you should not worry because MX Player does contain this feature and all you have to do is to find it. Read along to find out how you can turn this feature on and get to experience MX Player extensively.

Steps to turn on background playback on MX Player-

I bet a number of you have come across this issue before; where the moment you press the home button and the app stops playing whatever it was earlier. No wonder it is really frustrating as sometimes you have to check certain notifications or answer to some messages/emails. Anyway, you can follow these steps to enable background playback on MX Player-

  • Launch the MX Player app.
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Player Settings.
  • Scroll down until you find the option that says Background Play.
  • Check it (you can even select audio playback).
  • Close the app and remove it from the background.
  • Done.

This will enable background playback for your MX-Player. Now, whenever you will close the app, the video will keep running in the background. In order to stop the video, you will have to end it from the notification tray or from the background itself. However, be sure that background playback consumes some battery. So, be sure that your device has ample battery percentage before you try this feature out.

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