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Excited for watching free movies, web series, comedy videos? If yes, then a big high five to you. Reason? Because here, we are also going to discuss about one app which can offer you all you want without asking for a penny. We are talking about MX Player and how to Download MX Player for PC. So let us take a look.

What is MX Player?

Before you jump to any conclusion, you need to know what actually MX Player is and what all it does. So it is a big video player app that can be installed in your device for free of cost and can show all type of videos such as comedy shows, thriller movies, web series and etc.

It is an Indian video player app which is used by millions of people. And thanks to its extra ordinary features, users find it pretty easy to use.


Now let us read more about the app by finding out the features of MX Player for PC Download

  1. Playback feature

If you use MX Player for Windows, you will be able to play any video file you want to. It can play around 10 different formats such as AVI, MOV, MKV and FLV formats as well. Because of this, you can play any video format file easily. It also supports hardware and software decoding so that you can easily toggle the decoder when you are watching a video.

  1. Audio boost

Do you like that 200% audio boost in VLC? If yes, and if you are playing such video on MX Player PC, you don’t have to worry at al. With this software decoder enabled, you can easily boost the video volume to 200%. however, you must make sure that you do not damage your speakers due to that.

  1. Online streaming videos

Do note that you can not play any local storage file in this app but you really can stream videos online easily. You do not have to configure anything. You only have to click on the video you want to watch and watch the video for free.

  1. It supports subtitles

Since MX Player Download for PC has content to offer in many different regional languages, you might not be able to understand them all. But if you want to watch those web series without any issue, you still can. The app has a feature of subtitles which you can easily enable and with the help of that, you can understand and enjoy the movie.

  1. File sharing

You can share any file to anyone without using your mobile data through this app MX Player. The app will be able to do it easily. You can share both music files and video files easily to anyone.

  1. Swipe feature

If you want to increase or decrease the brightness of the video you are watching, you need to swipe up and down and adjust it accordingly. If you swipe on the right side, you can adjust the volume by increasing and decreasing the same. For the playback speed, you need to swipe with two fingers up or down and you can adjust it easily.

How to download MX Player for PC?

If you are looking to download MX Player in your PC, then you need to have an android emulator. After downloading the Android Emulator, you can download the app. So let us take a look at the steps.

We are using the android emulator BlueStacks here. Follow the steps given here-

  1. Click here and download and install the emulator for your PC.
  2. Now launch the emulator, BlueStacks.
  3. Log in to Google account on Google Play Store and search for the MX Player App or directly download MX Player
  4. Now click and launch MX Player on your PC.
  5. Once installed, start and enjoy.

By going through the procedure given above, you can install MX Player Download for PC easily without any hassle. In case of any questions, please comment below.

MX Player Download for PC

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