Initial startup takes too much time(Fix)

MX Player is a really lightweight yet powerful app that can run on almost every smartphone and tablet. It does not matter whether you have an over the top device, MX Player will run with ease. The app loads up easily and there is hardly any noticeable lag during startup. However, there can be instances where it takes more time than usual to load up. You too might have experienced it before. See, what happens is that – once you open MX Player, you are greeted with a blank (white) screen. The video folders/directory can take forever to load. If you have faced this issue earlier or still face it frequently, this one’s for you. Also, no need to panic because there is nothing broken over here. Your device is running just fine and it is nothing but a software glitch. Read along if you want to know the fix for this problem.

Initial startup takes too much time(Fix)


Fix – Initial startup takes too much time – Steps

    • A quite common issue can be the storage type. This issue usually occurs to those people that have a secondary storage media, i.e. an SD card. What MX Player does is that it scans every media folder in order to show the directory. SD cards have slower R/W times than the internal storage.
    • If you want to reduce this scan time by scanning only the media library folder. This can be done by going to Settings > List > Folders.
  • Abundant Audio Files – This one is yet another reason that can cause MX Player to take time to load. So, be a wise person and get rid of some of those audio files.
  • Storage Error – This is the most common factor that can result in this app taking forever to start up. SD cards are very slow when compared to the super-high speed internal storages. Even a Class 10 memory card is not as fast as what the internal storage is. Due to this discrepancy in speeds, MX Player can suffer.

In case none of the aforementioned fixes work, you can try the age-old fix of deleting cache and storage. All the best.

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