How to Boost volume up to 200% in MX Player?

MX Player, as you already know, is a really powerful and feature loaden video playback app. It is cross-platform compatible, which means that people across iOS, Android and Windows will be able to use this app. MX Player is an overall amazing video player as it has a plethora of stuff to offer. From advanced decoder to hardware acceleration, this small sized app contains it all. However, there is another hidden feature that a lot of people have no clue about. Here is a quick question – what comes after 100%? Of course, even we know that 100% is the limit for all things. But wait, what if we tell you that with MX Player, 100% is merely the mid point?

Riddles aside, with MX Player, you will be able to set your device’s volume at up to 200%. Astonishing, right? As you see, this app contains a hardware decoder as well as a software decoder. Once the software decoder is set in motion, users are able to increase their overall volume past the 100% mark. Cool feature, right? Read along to find out how you too can make use of SW+ decoder in this app.

Steps to Boost volume up to 200% in MX Player-

  • Open MX Player.
  • To enable this feature, you need to go to Settings > Audio.
  • From over there you will have to tick the option that says – Volume Boost.
  • After that play the video of your choice and in the decoder option either select HW+ or S/F decoder.
  • Once you have selected one of the two decoders, swipe up on the right hand side of your screen. Your max volume should now easily cross the 100% mark.
  • Done.

The best thing about this feature is that it does not harm your speakers or earphones. However, we do not advise this feature to be used on earphones as high volumes can harm the ears (permanently damage). This feature tells us about the calibre of this video player app. MX Player might be a simple app but it has a lot of potential. Download this app for your smartphones today.

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