Files not displaying on video list (Fix)

MX Player plays almost every audio/video file that you throw at it with ease. That is the beauty of this app – it can play every format of video and audio files. In fact, thanks to its advanced hardware and software encoders, playback is a bliss over here. However, a few times you can run into specific issues that require some fixing. One such issue is certain files that do not get displayed in the list of videos on your device. Don’t worry, we have got your covered. Here are some fixes that will surely help you out-

Files not displaying on video list in MX Player

Files on SD Card

MX Player has its priorities set straight. It does not have fancy pomp and show and the developers believe in making it work in a simple way. Thus, in order to fetch video/audio files here, you have to ensure that they are available on your SD card in the first place. It does not display the files that are either online or downloaded on apps like Netflix or YouTube. You need to have video/audio files that can be copied and/or moved from one location to another. So, be sure to check that the files are present inside your SD card or the internal storage.

Refreshing the List

This is yet another fix that gets the job done most of the time. Suppose you have recently moved or recorded a video while the MX Player app was open in the background, chances are that it won’t show. So what can be done in that case? First and foremost, close the app and clear it from the memory. After that – open the app once again and click on the three dotted menu and tap on refresh. This will refresh the gallery and the video/audio files will start showing.

Hidden Files and Folders

MX Player is very advanced, but you still have to tell it what to do. By default, the app is programmed not to hinder with hidden files or folders. So, in case your media file is available in either of those then chances are that it won’t recognize it. But don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well. 

You need to go to Settings > List > Show Hidden Files and Folders. Additionally, make sure that you have unchecked ‘Recognize .nomedia’.


The location /sdcard does not get shared among different profiles on MX Player. So, make sure that you use the original profile when trying to play created or copied content.

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