Download MX Player v2.0.69

MX Player is a famous video streaming app that does everything without charging a fee from you. Yes, the app has some ads in it but they won’t bother you must as the content the app offers is extremely enjoyable and you can anytime watch anything of your choice in the app without facing any hurdles for the same. If we talk about the app mainly, it is available in app store. But the reason why we ask you to download it from here, because it will let you download the APK version of the app and by downloading it, your app will support every format. Be it AVI, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MP4, etc, you will be able to watch any kind of video without any hassle. And just in case if your phone doesn’t have any particular codec, the app will let you know there itself. All over, it is an amazing app to be used.

Features of MX Player v2.0.69

  • Control gestures- The app will let you control all your gestures. If you want to watch a video again from the place where you have left it, you can do it by using the kid lock feature of the app. It is easy to use feature you can use. 
  • Zoom in- If you like something in the video and you want to have a close up of the same, you can use the zoom in feature and watch the same thing by closing up too.
  • Supports all videos- The app doesn’t only work with one format of videos. It instead supports every kind of video formats and you can watch everything easily.

How to download MX Player v2.0.69?

Click on the link we are sharing here and download the app now.

MX Player Download

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