Can I use MX Player as a Music Player?

MX Player is a really diverse video player app. In fact, some people even argue that it is not exactly a  video player app. It is, actually, a media player app that can run any sort of media. MX Player is actually a really powerful app that comes preloaded with some amazing features like video-acceleration and cloud-sync. No wonder it is ranked as the number one Android app for media playback and streaming. Thanks to its OTT services, this app now competes with the big-shots out there like Netflix and Hulu.

How to use MX Player as a music player?

This is a very common question that a number of MX Player users ask on online forums. You see, not everybody is willing to download different apps for video playback and audio playback. However, this app was solely developed to ensure that users get a good video playing experience on their smartphones and tablets. Although MX Player does contain all the necessary codecs to make your A/V experience great, it doesn’t individually have audio playback capability. The answer is really complicated and often baffling to answer. It has nothing to do with how this app works, but with how Android-system runs.

Android has a unique way of associating file types with their registered encoders/decoders. Unlike Windows, Android associates audio files with apps that only have audio-player standards. That is why you can run music on Windows Media Player easily. As a result, even though MX has all the necessary prerequisites, it still cannot play audio files easily. You may encounter some error or the other, or even the file will not be displayed anywhere in the list. 

What can be done?

MX Player, however, does have a workaround for this – audio extensions. You can add different audio file extensions using which some audio files can be played over here. In order to add extensions, here is what you have to do –

  • Open MX Player.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to List.
  • Open File Extensions.

From there you will get the option to add different file-extensions. Once you have added the necessary extensions (say, MP3 or AAC),  MX Player will be able to recognize  audio files as well.

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