GERB-UDF alliance failed to form new government due to lack of majority in Parliament.

Bulgaria: GERB-UDF alliance fails to form new government due to lack of majority in Parliament!

Bulgaria News Desk!!! Bulgaria’s largest force in parliament, the GERB-UDF coalition, has formally abandoned efforts to form a new government after failing to win a parliamentary majority. Returning the exploratory mandate to President Rumen Radev, coalition candidate for Prime Minister Maria Gabriel said that the folder I am returning today is empty. However, Gabriel, whose coalition has 69 seats in the 240-member parliament, said on Monday that leaders of the GERB-UDF and We Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) coalition, the second-largest parliamentary force, has agreed. To propose a government with the prime minister and deputy prime minister on a rotating basis from two structures within the second mandate.

Within the next few days, I will hand over the second mandate to the second largest parliamentary group, Radev said. In the snap elections held on April 2, the PP-DB alliance won 64 seats, followed by the Revival Party with 37 seats, the Movement for Rights and Freedom with 36 seats and the BSP for Bulgaria coalition, Xinhua news agency reported. Bulgarian Socialist Party) with 23 seats and There is a People (ITN) party with 11 seats. This was Bulgaria’s fifth parliamentary election in two years. Three of the last four parliaments had to be dissolved. A cabinet was formed following the election held on 14 November 2021, but was ousted in a vote of no confidence in June 2022.


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