BT CEO claims, say – We did not plan to reduce the last 55 thousand jobs!

BT CEO claims, say - We did not plan to reduce the last 55 thousand jobs!

Europe News Desk!! UK telecoms giant BT Group, which has announced massive 55,000 job cuts by the end of the decade, said the announcement was not planned in the past 36 hours. The company’s CEO Philip Johnson has said this. The telecom company has around 130,000 employees today, of whom it will lay off 75,000 to 90,000. That’s not surprising, Janssen said during the company’s earnings call on Thursday. This is not a new scheme that we have suddenly announced in the last 36 hours. This is one we have been working on for a long time. He said the company didn’t announce it earlier because we wanted to see the level of performance first — both in terms of manufacturing and provisioning, as well as efficiency. I think we have done enough for this.

On AI and job threats, the BT CEO said that with the advent of new technology, new jobs will also be created. We don’t know yet, nobody knows, but whenever new technology comes along, new jobs are created, new things appear, and they will appear and we’ll be able to participate in that, Johnson said. The company aims to enable growth by shifting productivity and customer outcomes through digitization, automation and reengineering of its workforce. The company said, we will reduce the dependence on the legacy network by the end of this decade through fewer business applications. Future BT will be more efficient requiring fewer people.


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