Health Ministry confirms, Israeli air strike on Gaza, 21 Palestinians killed!

Health Ministry confirms, Israeli air strike on Gaza, 21 Palestinians killed!

World News Desk!!! At least 21 Palestinians have been killed and 64 injured in ongoing Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza gave this information. Ashraf al-Kedra, the ministry’s spokesman in Gaza, said in a press statement sent to reporters on Wednesday that 21 Palestinians, including 12 civilians, were killed and 64 others were wounded when they were hit by Israeli missiles, Xinhua news agency reported. . The Gaza-based Joint Cell of Military Operations of the Palestinian factions claimed on Wednesday that rockets had been fired into southern and central Israel. Three senior members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were killed in retaliation.

An Israeli army spokesman said in his statements that the Israeli army targeted dozens of military posts, sites and operatives belonging to PJI’s military infrastructure with missiles. Israeli radio reported that more than 300 rockets and projectiles were fired from the Gaza Strip into southern and central Israel. Of these, the Iron Dome of the Israeli army intercepted most of the rockets. Meanwhile, Ismail Haniyeh, the politburo chief of Gaza-ruling Hamas, received phone calls on Wednesday from the United Nations, Egypt and Qatar to mediate between the Palestinian enclave and Israel in a bid to end rising tensions. During the phone call, Haniyeh discussed with the mediators ways to deal with Israel’s aggression against Gaza.



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