Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian school in West Bank!

Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian school in West Bank!

World News Desk!!! Israeli authorities demolished a Palestinian school in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, drawing condemnation and outrage from Palestinians and the international community. The Jib al-Deeb school, which was rebuilt by Palestinians in 2017 after its demolition by Israeli authorities six years earlier, was ransacked by Israeli forces with military vehicles, Xinhua news agency reported. He claimed that the school was built without proper permits. Hassan Brijeh, director of the Settlement and Wall Resistance Commission at the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), said Israel’s central court issued a demolition order in March. It rejected appeals by the commission and civil rights organizations to stop the demolition.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education condemned the demolition, expressing concern for the students who are deprived of their right to receive an education in a free and safe environment. The ministry pledged to provide necessary support to ensure educational opportunities for all students. He also called on international organizations to fulfill their responsibilities in addressing the growing violations by the Israeli occupation. The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territory (COGAT), the Israeli Defense Ministry’s body responsible for Palestinian civil affairs, claimed on Sunday that the building was constructed illegally and that the security of its occupants was at risk. He said efforts to negotiate with the owner before demolishing the building were unsuccessful. Hours after the demolition, Palestinian activists announced plans to rebuild the school, which previously accommodated about 60 students from grades one to four.

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