Indian-origin man accused of killing his wife, arrested!

UK: Indian-origin man accused of killing his wife, arrested!

Europe News Desk!!! An Indian-origin man has been accused of murder in Britain’s East London area. Police said he himself came to the police station and told that he had killed his 77-year-old wife. Singh reached the police station in Hornchurch area of ​​East London on Tuesday evening and handed himself over to the police. After this the team of police and paramedic reached the spot and found that Devi had a serious head injury. He was declared brought dead on the spot after some time, the police statement said. His relatives are aware of the incident and specially trained officers are helping them. According to the Daily Mail, before his recent retirement, Singh and his wife ran a post office in the nearby Rainham area. The report said that Singh and Devi have a son and two daughters. He is originally from India, but has been living in the UK for over 50 years.

Devi, who was to leave for Lanzarote next week, was a regular at the Havering Asian Social and Welfare Association (HASWA) community centre. There she practiced yoga and met friends for lunch. Devi’s friend Nirmala Leal told the Daily Mail, “I can’t believe this has happened and she is gone.” I saw him a few hours before his death. It doesn’t seem true that I won’t be able to see her again. Leal said he had spoken to Devi the day before the murder and she seemed in a good mood. Police have cordoned off Singh’s three-storey house.


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