Israel made an unmanned spy submarine, know what are the specialties!

Israel made an unmanned spy submarine, know what are the specialties!

Europe News Desk!!! Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the state-run aerospace and defense company of Israel, has built the first unmanned spy submarine of its kind in the world. The news agency Xinhua quoted IAI as saying that the length of this submarine is 10.9 meters and the diameter is 1.9 meters. It has been named Blue Whale. It can spy underwater, locate other submarines and pick up voices. The IAI said the submarine could remain at sea for several weeks without operators and with minimal cost and maintenance. It is capable of performing most of the tasks of a manned submersible. The submarine has successfully completed thousands of hours of autonomous operations, including intelligence gathering to locate targets at sea and ashore, locating naval mines and gathering acoustic intelligence.

To collect underwater intelligence, the Blue Whale has a telescopic mast, which comes above the waterline and using the radar and electro-optical system mounted on it, the submarine locates targets at sea and on the coast. According to the IAI, the information collected through satellite communication antennas on the mast can be transmitted to dedicated command posts, at sea or on land, anywhere in the world. The submarine also has a dedicated synthetic aperture sonar for mine detection and a sensor suite that ensures safe movement underwater and near the water surface.


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