Iran, Belgium exchange prisoners!

Iran, Belgium exchange prisoners!

Europe News Desk!!! Iran and Belgium have exchanged requests for an exchange of prisoners between the two countries, the Foreign Ministry in Tehran announced. Iran has sent a request for the transfer of its national Assadullah Asadi and Belgium has also sent a request for the extradition of its national Olivier Vandecastille, Xinhua news agency quoted ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani as saying. In February 2021, a Belgian court sentenced Iranian diplomat Asadi to 20 years in prison after accusing him of planning an attack against the Mujahideen-e-Khalq organization, which Tehran considers a terrorist organization. Condemning the decision as wholly illegal at the time, the Foreign Ministry said it violated Asadi’s diplomatic immunity. Iranian security forces arrested Vandecastelle in February 2022, accusing her of spying against Iran under the guise of an aid worker and smuggling. The Belgian national was sentenced to 40 years in prison.



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