Israel’s walkout from Security Council meeting

Israel's walkout from Security Council meeting

America News Desk!!! Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, walked out of the Security Council meeting in protest. Ardern said she was angered by the refusal to reschedule Tuesday’s debate on the Middle East, which also included the Palestinian question, Xinhua news agency reported. Tuesday marked Yom HaZikaran, or Day of Remembrance, for martyred Israeli soldiers. He said Israel made several requests to reschedule the debate, but the Security Council refused. Yet the decision to hold this debate today only proves what Israelis already know and feel about this partisan organization, the ambassador is quoted as saying.

Erden said he could not participate in Tuesday’s debate, which he called an absurd spectacle on Israel’s Memorial Day. He read a list of names. To this she said it was about the Israeli soldiers who died last year, and lit a candle in their memory. He said, this debate defames the martyred soldiers and Israel will not participate in it. With these words, he left the Security Council chamber accompanied by three Israeli officials. Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel’s Wars is the country’s official remembrance day, which was legislated in 1963.


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