Iran’s allegation, said – the purpose of Blinken’s anti-Iran remarks is to sell American weapons!

Iran's allegation, said - the purpose of Blinken's anti-Iran remarks is to sell American weapons!

Europe News Desk!! An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman rejected the US Secretary of State’s remarks about Tehran’s military program, saying they were aimed at marketing American weapons. The news agency Xinhua cited a statement published on the website of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Nasser Kanani responded on Sunday to a recent tweet by Antony Blinken, in which he said he was committed to disrupting Iran’s military procurement activities. The US Secretary of State’s provocative remarks about Iran’s military program are aimed solely at spreading Iranophobia as well as fueling discord among regional countries to continue US arms sales, Kanani said. He reiterated that Iran’s military program is of a defensive and preventive nature and is not directed against any country. Canaan blamed the unwise and erroneous actions of the US over the past decades as the source of insecurity, instability and war in the region.



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