Russia will expel German diplomats over Germany’s hostile actions

Russia will expel German diplomats over Germany's hostile actions

Europe News Desk!!! The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that it has decided to expel German diplomats from the country because of Germany’s hostile actions. The German authorities have decided on another mass expulsion of employees of Russian diplomatic missions in that country, the ministry said in a statement. We strongly condemn these actions of Berlin, which continues to defiantly destroy the entire gamut of Russian-German relations. The maximum number of staff at German diplomatic missions in Russia will also be significantly limited, he said, adding that on April 5 the Russian Foreign Ministry officially informed German Ambassador to Russia Geza Andreas von Geyer about the decision. The German Foreign Ministry has not made any official announcement on the matter. In April last year, Germany announced the expulsion of 40 Russian diplomats and Russia responded tit-for-tat.


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