Revealed in FAO report, said – Empowerment of women can make the world hunger free!

Revealed in FAO report, said - Empowerment of women can make the world hunger free!

World News Desk!! Improving access to knowledge and resources for women working in the food and agriculture sectors could boost global growth and contribute to feeding millions of people, according to a new report released by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Could The report, titled Status of Women in Agrifood Systems, released on Thursday said that gender inequality and low wages for women and limited access to education lead to a 24 percent difference in productivity between women and men in the agricultural sector, Xinhua news agency reported. Is. Given the fact that more than a third of the world’s working women are employed in agricultural food systems. It includes the production of food and non-food agricultural products as well as related activities ranging from food storage, transportation and processing to distribution. The report states that increasing women’s productivity could increase global GDP by almost $1 trillion and reduce the number of food-insecure people by 45 million. The report shows that despite reforms, women remain deprived of land ownership compared to men. Forty out of 46 countries surveyed for the report have weak laws protecting women’s land rights. If we tackle gender inequalities in agri-food systems and empower women, the world will move closer to meeting the organization’s goals of ending poverty and creating a world free of hunger, FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu said in a statement. .



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