Finance Ministry said, Ukraine’s economy declined by 29.1 percent

Finance Ministry said, Ukraine's economy declined by 29.1 percent

Europe News Desk!! Ukraine’s economy shrank by a record 29.1 percent last year because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Is. The statistics agency said in a report on Thursday that in the fourth quarter of 2022, the country’s real GDP fell by 31.4 percent, down from 30.6 percent in July-September. It states that in the second and first quarter of 2022, the GDP has decreased by 36.9 percent and 14.9 percent respectively. Last year, the Ukrainian economy suffered a 67.6 percent decline in the construction sector and a 43.1 percent drop in manufacturing output, Xinhua news agency reported. The mining and quarrying industries are projected to decline by 32.2 percent in 2022, while agriculture, forestry and fishing are projected to decline by 28.4 percent. Ukrainian economy sees 3.4 percent growth in 2021.



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