Sporadic fighting in Yemen despite Saudi-Houthi peace talks, no casualties

Sporadic fighting in Yemen despite Saudi-Houthi peace talks, no casualties

Europe News Desk!! Sporadic fighting has broken out in the war-torn country’s Marib province despite ongoing talks between Saudi Arabia and Houthi militias in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa. The oil-rich province saw sporadic clashes and heavy shelling on the Alkasrah and Raghwan frontlines on Tuesday between government forces and Houthi militias, raising concerns about the peace process, a government official told Xinhua news agency. Ongoing talks between Houthi militias and Saudi Arabia in Yemen have signaled a possible turning point in the long-running conflict. Saudi-Houthi talks have raised new hope for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, including renewing the ceasefire, reopening Sana’a airport and lifting restrictions on the Red Sea port to help those facing food insecurity and inadequate health care Millions of citizens can get humanitarian aid.

However, renewed fighting in Marib and other areas highlights the challenges in implementing a sustainable ceasefire. The situation is particularly tense in Marib, a strategic city in northern Yemen. It has been the site of heavy fighting between government forces and the Houthis in recent months. Despite the setbacks, the recent talks still offer a glimmer of hope to end the long-running military conflict. Earlier on Tuesday, the Yemeni government announced that it was ready for a prisoner exchange with the Houthis. According to Majid Fadel, a member of the government delegation, the process will be carried out in three phases over three days and the first exchange will involve 72 prisoners. The peace initiative comes after Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to restore diplomatic ties at reconciliation talks hosted by China in early March.



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