Pakistanis demand apology from Suella Braverman

Britain: Pakistanis demand apology from Suella Braverman

Europe News Desk!! Several Pakistanis living here have written a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak complaining about UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s racist, unacceptable and inflammatory remarks on Pakistani men. Doctors, health workers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders of several companies have sent several letters to Sunak, signed by various associations and individuals, demanding an apology from Suella Braverman, Dawn newspaper reported. Braverman came under fire last week for saying that the cultural values ​​of British-Pakistani men are diametrically opposite to British cultural values. In an interview with Sky News, he said that British Pakistani men view women as inferior and illegitimate, and have an out-of-date and regressive view of our behaviour.

The host of the program highlighted the Home Minister’s comment that vulnerable British girls are being targeted by grooming gangs of British Pakistanis and people are ignoring it for political reasons. His comment was strongly opposed on social media. People of Pakistani and non-Pakistani origin criticized him for discriminating and politicizing a serious issue. It is unacceptable for the Home Minister to use inflammatory and divisive rhetoric which is sensational and contrary to the evidence of his own department, the health workers wrote in a letter. Instead of taking effective action on these heinous crimes, they are allowed to continue by focusing on political demonstrations. A system-wide response is needed, rather than pinpointing a particular ethnic group.

The British Pakistan Foundation has also written an open letter to the Prime Minister. It said, We are writing to share with you our deep concern and dismay at the Home Secretary’s recent comments. You are not speaking against them. These comments pointed to the so-called grooming gang and cultural values ​​being the exact opposite of British cultural values. The Muslim League has also written a letter to 10 Downing Street criticizing Braverman, reports Dawn.


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