North Korea tests another underwater nuclear drone, claims state media KCNA report

North Korea: North Korea tests another underwater nuclear drone, claims state media KCNA report

Europe News Desk!! North Korea said on Saturday it conducted another test of an underwater nuclear-capable drone this week, confirming the weapon’s reliability and lethal firepower. According to Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea tested the Hyle-2 underwater tactical weapon system between April 4-7. The system will serve as an advantageous and potential military capability of the North Korean armed forces to deter all advanced military actions of the enemy, eliminate threats and defend the country, Yonhap news agency quoted KCNA as saying. Is necessary.

The agency said the test drone was launched from a port in South Hamgyong province on Tuesday. It covered an oval and 8-shaped course and covered a distance of 1000 km in 71 hours and six minutes and accurately hit an underwater test warhead. On March 24, North Korea made public for the first time the test of a drone capable of attacking underwater. It claims that this secret weapon is capable of generating radioactive tsunamis and sneak attack on enemies. On March 28, the North Korean administration revealed for the first time information about the Hosan-31 tactical nuclear weapon, claiming that it had conducted an underwater detonation test from the Hyol-1 drone the day before.

Observers believe North Korea may have tested an upgraded version of the Hyle this week, given the weapon’s name change in the latest test. North Korea has recently increased military activities. It unveiled the Hassan-31 tactical nuclear weapon and test-fired a submarine-launched cruise missile. Observers predict North Korea may conduct its weapons tests this month to mark major anniversaries. It is noteworthy that April 15 is the 111th birthday of the late Kim Il-sung, the founder of the country.


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