Indian-origin woman in South Africa accused of “false drama of kidnapping”, calling her husband and asking for ransom

Indian-origin woman in South Africa accused of

Europe News Desk!! A 47-year-old Indian-origin woman in South Africa has been accused of faking herself abducted and demanding a ransom of Rand 2 million from her husband. Investigators picked up Firoza B B Joseph, a resident of Phoenix, north of Durban, in a hotel room in Pietermaritzburg. Natasha Kara, of the National Prosecuting Authority, said he had been charged with perverting the ends of justice. He has been granted bail till the next hearing on June 7. Firoza was arrested earlier this week after police investigation proved that her version of events was not entirely correct. Police spokesman Colonel Robert Ntshiunda said her husband received a call on Monday that she had been abducted. A huge amount was demanded for his release. According to the chargesheet, a ransom of 2 million rand was demanded.

Netshiunda said that Firoza’s husband received a call from someone who threatened to beat him up if he did not pay the money. During investigation, the police found CCTV footage in which Firoza was seen at a casino in Pietermaritzburg, about 80 km from Phoenix. This footage was taken after the ransom call was received. The police came to know that she was staying in a hotel there under some other name. She was also found with all her jewellery, which she claimed was taken by the kidnappers. Firoz was released on bail of 3,000 rand. The hearing of the matter was adjourned till June 7 so that further investigation could be done in the meanwhile.


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