Al Qaeda attack kills three Yemeni soldiers

Al Qaeda attack kills three Yemeni soldiers

Europe News Desk!! Al-Qaeda gunmen killed at least three government forces soldiers in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan. A military officer gave this information to the media. A local military official said on Saturday on condition of anonymity that the army was patrolling in the province’s Umayran Valley when gunmen ambushed it and opened fire. The military official said several other soldiers who were injured in the attack received immediate medical attention. Tension is rising in Abyan, as al-Qaeda has taken advantage of the current instability caused by Yemen’s years-long military conflict to gain a foothold in the region, Xinhua news agency reported. The Yemen-based al-Qaeda terrorist group has been responsible for a surge in attacks against government forces, intelligence officers and military infrastructure, further exacerbating an already dire situation in the war-torn Arab country. In an effort to combat the growing terror threat, government forces backed by a Saudi Arabia-led coalition have launched several large-scale military operations against al-Qaeda targets in recent months.


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