Hamza Yousuf will replace Nicola Sturgeon.

Scotland: Hamza Yusuf will replace Nicola Sturgeon!

Europe News Desk!! Humza Yusuf has been elected the first ethnic minority leader of the Scottish National Party, a victory that has confirmed deep divisions within his party over policy, a media report said. Joseph is almost certain to be confirmed as Scotland’s next first minister in a nominal vote at Holyrood on Tuesday, but now he must bridge the divide by bringing together the warring wings of the SNP, The Guardian reported. Widely seen as the preferred choice of Nicola Sturgeon as his successor, Joseph defeated his nearest rival Kate Forbes by a narrower-than-expected 52 percent to 48 percent margin, second only to supporters of third candidate Ash Regan. After the preference votes were counted, those who finished last in the first round. The turnout was 70 percent.

Joseph, who has become the first minority ethnic leader of the Scottish government, has the benefit and the curse of being seen as the continuation candidate and unwitting favorite of Nicola Sturgeon. Of all three candidates, Joseph (37) was the only one enthusiastic about Sturgeon’s approach and earned by far the most support from SNP MPs and ministers, particularly Sturgeon’s deputy and closest political friend, John Swain, who himself is a member of the party. He was the former leader of In many ways, Joseph represents the new Scotland that Sturgeon and her predecessor, Alex Salmond, have sought to project through the SNP – and is seen as an inclusive, multiracial country and a role model of an inclusive nationalism Is.


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