King Charles’s trip to France postponed due to protests, next schedule not fixed!

King Charles's trip to France postponed due to protests, next schedule not fixed!

Europe News Desk!! Britain’s King Charles III’s three-day visit to Paris was postponed at the suggestion of French President Emmanuel Macron amid ongoing protests in France against the government’s decision to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. According to the BBC report, Buckingham Palace said in a statement on Friday that the visit of King Charles and wife Camilla was postponed due to the ongoing impasse in France. King Charles’ visit to Paris and Bodre was due to start on Sunday. The two French cities witnessed fierce violence on Thursday after anti-government protests began in January.

Suggesting postponing the visit, Macron said he felt it would be inappropriate for the British royals to travel to France since Thursday night, when labor unions announced March 28 as the 10th national action day. “We have the utmost respect for Your Majesty and The Queen,” the BBC quoted the French president as saying in a statement. I called King this morning to inform him of the situation. Macron said his country has proposed rescheduling the trip to early summer. The UK government also said that the decision was taken with the consent of all parties. According to the BBC report, there were massive demonstrations in France on Thursday. More than one million people participated in it. Violence also took place at some places. The entrance to the town hall in Bodre was set on fire, tear gas was fired in Paris. Hundreds of police officers were injured across France.


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