Israeli PM tells military chiefs to stop denying service

Israeli PM tells military chiefs to stop denying service

Europe News Desk!!! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on security chiefs to stop the denial of service. Significantly, hundreds of reservists said they would not report for duty in protest against the government’s controversial judiciary changes. Netanyahu said in a televised address during his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday that he expected Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Hargi Halevi and other security chiefs to act against those who refused to serve, Xinhua news agency reported. Will take strict action against. In his public address he said that there is no place for denial of service. On Thursday, 650 reservists, including those from Military Intelligence’s Special Operations Division, Mossad, Shin Bet and cyber warfare units, announced they would not report for duty starting Sunday in protest against judicial reform.

Meanwhile, about 180 Air Force reservists, mainly aircrew, drone operators and air traffic control operators, announced in an open letter that they would not go to training this week, while about 100 others from an Air Force unit said they would not go to training if If the government continues with the scheme, they will not serve. Significantly, in Israel, military service has become voluntary upon reaching the age of 40, but many chose to continue serving. Israel has been rocked by weeks of protests against the plan put forward by Netanyahu’s new ultranationalist and ultra-religious governing coalition. The plan gives the Israeli parliament the power to overrule Supreme Court decisions and decide all judicial appointments. This has led to apprehension among people that the scheme will weaken the Supreme Court and endanger democracy by giving too much power to the government. According to Netanyahu, changes are needed to curb the hyperactivity of the Supreme Court.



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