Cyclone Freddy’s death toll rises to 447, rescue operations underway!

Malawi: Death toll from Cyclone Freddy rises to 447, rescue operations underway!

Europe News Desk!!! The death toll from Cyclone Freddy in southern Malawi has risen to 447, while the number of people displaced has reached 362,928. The country’s Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DoDMA) confirmed the figures in its sixth update on Saturday evening, revealing that 918 people were injured and 282 were missing, Xinhua news agency reported. Malawi Defense Force (MDF), Malawi Police Service and rescue teams are continuing their rescue operation. As per DoDMA updates, the MDF is also moving relief material, medical supplies and personnel to places where access by road is not possible.

In his national address on Saturday evening after visiting the two affected eastern districts of Zomba and Machinga, Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera said some foreign missions, governments, local and international organizations, companies and individuals have contributed to the disaster in affected districts and cities. After declaring the situation have come forward to help. He called for more humanitarian aid, describing the situation in the camps and areas affected by the storm as dire. The country’s Ministry of Education has extended the suspension of schools in the southern region until March 31. Around 230 schools have been converted into camps for internally displaced communities. Cyclone Freddy has caused severe devastation in the southern districts of Malawi. It caused strong winds, floods and landslides, and hundreds of people were killed, while hundreds of thousands were displaced.



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