Palestinian dies trying to stab Israeli soldiers!

Palestinian dies trying to stab Israeli soldiers!

Europe News Desk!!! The Palestinian health ministry said in a statement that Israeli troops killed a Palestinian trying to attack with a knife near the West Bank city of Ramallah. Yazan Khasib, 23, was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the north of the city on Friday, the statement said. An Israeli army spokesman said in a press statement that a young Palestinian tried to stab an Israeli soldier north of Ramallah, Xinhua news agency reported. Other soldiers in the area opened fire, killing the assailant. According to the statement, a knife was recovered from him. In recent months, tensions between Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have been rising. The Palestinian Health Ministry said 89 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops this year. Meanwhile, official Israeli figures said 14 Israelis were killed in attacks by Palestinians.


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