Awards recommended for Russia pilots

Drone Downing: Awards Recommended for Russia Pilots

Europe News Desk!!! The Russian Defense Ministry said Friday it has recommended medals for the pilots of Russian jets that struggled to identify a US drone on a reconnaissance mission over the Black Sea and reportedly downed it. RT reports ministry statement – Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu rewards pilots of Su-27 aircraft that prevented US MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle from violating restricted flight zone established by Moscow amid Ukraine conflict Recommended. It added that all users of the international airspace were informed about the boundaries of the area. The ministry, however, did not give any personal details about the pilots nor what awards they might get.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon claimed that two Russian jets refueled the MQ-9 Reaper drone, one of which later collided with the plane and damaged its propeller, while accusing Moscow of unsafe and unprofessional actions. However, the Russian side rejected the allegation saying that the Su-27 never came into contact with the Reaper nor did it fire any weapon. On the other hand, it said that the US drone was flying with its transponder on, violated the restricted area, and crashed after going into uncontrolled flight as a result of sharp maneuvers. After the incident, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with Shoigu to discuss the matter. Austin reiterated that the drone was conducting routine operations in international airspace and that Washington would continue to fly and operate wherever international law allows. Shoigu insisted that the incident was caused by the US’s refusal to comply with the restricted flight zone and attempts to intensify reconnaissance activities against the interests of the Russian Federation.


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