Severe flood in earthquake-affected provinces, five people died, five others missing

Turkey: Severe floods in earthquake affected provinces, five people died, five others missing

Europe News Desk!!! At least five people have died and five others are missing in floods in Turkey’s southern provinces. At least four people were killed and two firefighters were missing in Sanliurfa province, Xinhua news agency quoted Governor Salih Ahan as saying in a statement on Wednesday. In Adiyaman province, a container that served as a temporary home for a family of four was swept away by floods. “Unfortunately, we found the body of one of the four people,” Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told reporters. The search is on for three others. These two provinces are among 11 provinces that were badly hit by the earthquake, which killed more than 55,700 people in Turkey and neighboring Syria. At present thousands of people are living in tents and containers.


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