PM Netanyahu rejects President’s proposal on judicial reform

PM Netanyahu rejects President's proposal on judicial reform

Europe News Desk!!! Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a mediation offer suggested by President Isaac Hajareg, saying his government will continue to pursue controversial and divisive judicial reform. Hajregh made his proposal on Wednesday night after weeks of talks with coalition government ministers, opposition MPs and legal experts. While warning that Israel is on the brink of civil war, Herzog said his plan suggests a compromise, Xinhua news agency reported, reflecting the stance of broad sections of Israeli society. We are at a crossroads, he warned, a historic crisis or a defining constitutional moment. About an hour later, Netanyahu rejected the offer in a statement at the airport before leaving for a trip to Berlin. His coalition does not agree on the framework. He said, the major clauses of the framework he presented only maintains the existing position, it does not have the necessary balance. Significantly, under the new judicial reform, the government has to follow the decisions of the Supreme Court. Will have the power to override and decide all judicial appointments. According to Netanyahu, judicial reform is needed to curb an overly active Supreme Court. Nationwide protests are continuing over this proposal of the government.


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