Ukraine approved anti-corruption program for 2023-2025

Ukraine approved anti-corruption program for 2023-2025

Europe News Desk!!! The Government of Ukraine has approved the State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025. The program envisages that Ukrainian ministries, executive authorities, state enterprises and other government agencies will report on the implementation of anti-corruption measures to the National Anti-Corruption Agency, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported on Tuesday. The anti-corruption initiative is a part of the anti-corruption strategy for 2021-2025, Xinhua news agency reported. The Ukrainian government said in a statement that the program would result in the introduction of new corporate governance standards in public sector entities and increased public control over the activities of partially state-owned business entities. The adoption of measures to reduce corruption is one of the key tasks for Ukraine on the way to membership in the European Union.


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