Death toll from the shipwreck rises to 34, rescue work continues!

Madagascar: Death toll from shipwreck rises to 34, rescue operations underway!

Europe News Desk!!! The death toll from the sinking of an unregistered boat off northwestern Madagascar has risen to 34. The Maritime and Rivers Agency (APMF) quoted Mamie Thierry Randriarivoni, the port’s director of maritime operations, as saying in a video posted on social networks that a total of 11 bodies were found on Tuesday during the search operation, bringing the number of passengers on the boat The death toll rose to 58, with 24 survivors and 34 dead. Officials are still investigating the cause of the incident, Xinhua news agency reported. The boat bound for the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte sank in the sea off Ankazomborona in northwestern Madagascar on Saturday night. On Monday, the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology said there were 47 passengers on board. The APMF has decided to implement measures to avoid such mishaps, which include strengthening monitoring of standards required for construction and maintenance of marine craft, as well as professionalization of marine mechanics.


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