Two men found guilty of killing man outside Hindu temple in UK

Two men found guilty of killing man outside Hindu temple in UK

Europe News Desk!!! Two men have been found guilty of stabbing a man to death outside a Hindu temple in the south east of England. Such information has come to the fore in media reports. Mohammed Rafakit Kayani, 24, from Slough, was found injured in Temple car park on Keel Drive on August 30, 2022, and later died in hospital, the BBC reported. A jury at Reading Crown Court on Thursday adjourned sentencing until April 3, pleading guilty to Hasan al-Kubanji, 22, of Pimlico, and drug dealer Riyaz Miya, 21, in London. Riyaz Mia previously pleaded guilty to supplying heroin and cocaine, as well as possessing a blade in public. The jury found al-Kubanji not guilty of the same three crimes. A third defendant, 42-year-old Miguel Parrion John, pleaded guilty to two counts of aiding a felon and possession of a blade. However, he was cleared of two counts of possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to supply, the report said.

John would later be sentenced. The defendants began shouting after the verdict, and a courtroom riot broke out after the police were called in, the Reading Chronicle reported. Kayani, a boxer and Virgin Atlantic Heathrow check-in agent, was stabbed in the chest and bled to death. According to media reports, he was chased from a playground on Concord Way to the Slough Hindu Temple after the brawl. Kayani’s wife described him as a loving son, caring brother, selfless friend and proud Muslim man.


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