6 elephants killed in 14 months in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park!

6 elephants killed in 14 months in Tanzania's Ruaha National Park!

Europe News Desk!!! Tanzanian police have arrested three suspected poachers in connection with the killing of six elephants in the East African country’s Ruaha National Park between January 2022 and February 2023. An officer gave this information. Godwell Ole Maingataki, assistant conservation commissioner and commanding officer of Ruaha National Park, told Xinhua news agency by phone that the suspected poachers were arrested on February 28 in Iringa Municipality by the Wildlife and Forest Force of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. Meigataki said eight ivory tusks and six tooth fragments were found with the three suspects. Mingataki said a dagger and a motor vehicle used to transport the teeth were also recovered from the suspects.


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