Syrian Prime Minister said, Lebanon’s aid is very helpful for earthquake affected Syria!

Syrian Prime Minister said, Lebanon's aid is very helpful for earthquake affected Syria!

Europe News Desk!!! Syrian Prime Minister Hussein Arnos has said that the support and aid provided by Lebanon has significantly mitigated the consequences of the devastating earthquake in his country. In a letter sent on Thursday to his Lebanese counterpart Najib Mikati, Arnos said that the Syrian government and I sincerely thank and appreciate Lebanon’s assistance. This help has helped a lot in reducing the consequences of earthquakes. Lebanon has sent a delegation of the Lebanese Red Cross, Beirut Fire Brigade, civil defence, disaster management units and the Lebanese army, with the support of some private sector companies, to Syria to rescue people from the rubble after the devastating earthquake, Xinhua news agency reported. Sent. The Syrian Ministry of Health announced that the final death toll from the earthquake in Syria was 1,414 and the number of injured reached 2,357. Meanwhile, new data from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights showed that the earthquake killed nearly 7,000 people in government-controlled and rebel-held areas of Syria.


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