Russia spy chief rejects CIA director’s claims of disobedience, arrogance at November meeting

Russia spy chief rejects CIA director's claims of disobedience, arrogance at November meeting

Europe News Desk!! Russian intelligence chief Sergei Naryshkin on Monday described his meeting with his American counterpart in Turkey in November last year as positive and satisfactory. The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) chief’s comments came after CIA director William Burns described the high-level meeting between the two in a CBS News interview as “very disappointing” and his Russian counterpart’s “very evasive attitude” during the talks And accused of displaying a sense of arrogance. I still positively assess the nature and results of the meeting with my colleague William Burns, the talks in Ankara were substantial and proceeded in a very comfortable atmosphere, Naryshkin told media persons.

Expressing his respect for the American counterpart, he described Burns as a very experienced, skilled diplomat. The SVR chief said the conversation lasted for 2.5 hours. This alone shows that the meeting probably lasted as long as it could have, how come it lasted 2.5 hours if one of the parties behaved arrogantly, rudely, arrogantly. Naryshkin also speculates as to why Burns might have had such an impression. Maybe, he understood that during these talks, I was bowing not only to my own opinion… but also to the opinion of millions of Russian people. The meeting, to be held in Ankara in mid-November, is believed to be the first direct contact between top US and Russian officials since Moscow launched its military offensive in Ukraine in February 2022. The US said at the time that Burns was conveying the consequences of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons and the risks to strategic stability. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the meeting took place at the request of US President Joe Biden.





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