Syria said, five died in the Israeli missile attack!

Syria said, five died in the Israeli missile attack!

Europe News Desk!! Five people, including a soldier, were killed in a missile attack by Israel in the early hours of Sunday. During this, 15 others were also seriously injured. The Syrian army has given this information in one of its statements. The attack was carried out from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Xinhua news agency quoted the Syrian army as saying. Its target was the neighboring residential area of ​​Kafar Soussah, as well as various Syrian army posts in Damascus. The agency said the condition of several people injured in the attack was critical. During this, many houses located in Damascus were also damaged. The army statement said that most of the missiles were neutralized before reaching their targets. Syrian national television reported in its initial report that Syria’s air defense system responded to the Israeli attack. This is the first attack on the country after the February 6 earthquake in Syria.


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