South Korea plans to launch 6G network service in 2028.

South Korea plans to launch 6G network service in 2028.

Europe News Desk!!! South Korea plans to launch sixth-generation network service in 2028, two years ahead of its original schedule, the ICT Ministry said on Monday. According to the Ministry of Science and ICT, the South Korean government plans to accelerate the launch of commercial service of 6G networks by securing world-class 6G technologies, innovating software-based next-generation mobile networks, and strengthening the network supply chain, under the K-Network 2030 plan. Extend it two years. The government will encourage local companies to manufacture materials, components and equipment for 6G technology in the country, and develop an open RAN, or open radio access network, that can be adapted to any mobile device and mobile, reports Yonhap news agency. Enables careers and enterprises. The ministry said a feasibility study is underway for a 625.3 billion won ($481.7 million) research and development project on core 6G technologies for the plan.

The ministry said the advanced plan is aimed at helping it maintain a leading position in the global competition for future network infrastructure as 5G networks race to meet the growing demand for higher speeds and lower latency in wireless communications. According to German analysis firm iPlatics, South Korea has led 5G development with a large number of 5G patents, while previous 4G technology development was mostly dominated by American and European companies. Asia’s fourth-largest economy accounted for 25.9 percent of the number of 5G patents last year, close to market leader China’s 26.8 percent. The South Korean government said it would increase this figure to 30 percent or more in the upcoming 6G network patent competition.



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