Dutch government expels Russian diplomats!

Dutch government expels Russian diplomats!

Europe News Desk!!! The Dutch government has announced the expulsion of several Russian diplomats over alleged espionage. The Netherlands will not allow more diplomats to work at the Russian embassy in The Hague than the number of diplomats working at the Dutch embassy in Moscow, Xinhua news agency quoted Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra as saying. He said that about 10 employees of the Russian Embassy would have to leave the Netherlands. The Russian Trade Office in Amsterdam will close from February 21. In addition, the Dutch Consulate in St. Petersburg will be closed from 20 February. Hoekstra said the Dutch embassy in Moscow would remain open. It is important to keep embassies open as a channel of communication, even when relations with Russia are worse than ever. Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency reported that the move by the Dutch government came after the Russian Foreign Ministry said it would respond to the Netherlands’ decision to limit the number of its diplomats. Significantly, in March 2022, the Netherlands expelled 17 Russian diplomats for alleged espionage. In response, Russia then expelled 15 Dutch diplomats.


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