China quietly helping in Russia’s war, America warns

China quietly helping in Russia's war, America warns

Europe News Desk!! America has expressed concern over the support Russia is getting from China. He believes that Beijing is secretly providing military aid to Russia. According to CNN, US officials are deeply concerned that they have shared intelligence about China with allies and partners at the Munich Security Conference over the past several days. Officials said Foreign Minister Antony Blinken raised the issue during his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on the sidelines of the summit on Saturday. Secretary Blinken was very forthright in warning about the impact and consequences of providing support to Russia or helping Russia avoid systematic sanctions, a senior State Department official told reporters, CNN reported.

Vice President Kamala Harris also mentioned China’s support for Russia during her speech in Munich. We are also troubled by the deepening of Beijing’s ties with Moscow since the war began, Harris said on Saturday. Looking ahead, any move by China to provide support to Russia will only increase aggression. Officials said that the US is seeing that China is trying to present itself publicly as a proponent of peace. Wang said in Munich on Saturday that Beijing would present a peace plan for Ukraine and Russia and maintain ties with Europe, while at the same time CNN reported that it was quietly aiding Russia’s war effort. Wang said at the conference, this war cannot continue. We need to think what efforts we can make to end this war.


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